Stunning Fireworks display light up Marikina

fireworksThe unique skyline of the Marikina Riverbanks was once again brighten up by the awe-inspiring fireworks display brought to fruition by some of the best pyrotechnicians in the country as the three finalists of the 2013 Philippine National Fireworks Festival put on a show that can rival anything you’ll see abroad.

With the best pyrotechnicians in the country competing to win this year’s festival, the event got more bang for its buck with the special guest appearance of Boardwalk’s celebrity endorser Ms. Bangs Garcia, as she gave the adoring crowd a fireworks show they’ll never forget.

bangsThe face of Boardwalk’s Intimate Collection even got a volunteer to share the stage with her, showing the crowd’s excitement with her appearance. And as if that wasn’t enough, Boardwalk still had a surprise for the Marikina crowd with another surprise appearance, this time from one of Boardwalk’s newest celebrity endorsers, Mr. Jerome Ponce, known for his role as Luke in the hit TV show ”Be Careful With My Heart.”

The 2013 Philippine National Fireworks Festival made sure everyone had a blast watching the nation’s best artists show off their incredible command of pyrotechnics and with the special participation of the life-changing lifestyle brand, Marikina Riverbanks couldn’t have asked for more.

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