Rhian Shows You How to Mix and Match

Mixing and matching is a great way to maximize your wardrobe, minimize your spending, and save closet space at the same time. The best way to do it is to choose a central piece of clothing that is interesting enough for you to wear again and again, but simple enough so that your friends won’t notice how often you do (I’m *winking* at you right now).

For my key piece, I chose this Marlana floral lace (from the BW Ladies collection) dress by no less than my beloved Boardwalk. I’ll show you how to take this dress from simple-classy to laid-back-comfy and to tough-edgy, just by throwing on accessories and other clothing pieces.

rhian ramos look 1

Here I’m wearing the dress on its own with chunky accessories and cork sling-back stilettos. The key here is to keep it clean and simple, so I chose accessories that make a statement (but aren’t too loud) and a pair of heels in a muted colour.

rhian ramos look 2

For this look, I’m using the dress as a skirt by throwing a sweater over it, accessorizing with seemingly dainty pieces with a twist, and picking brown booties with string detail. This outfit is perfect to keep you cozy on rainy days and can even be comfier when paired with oxfords, if you don’t want to wear heels.

rhian ramos look 3

Here, I used the dress as a top and paired it with a leather skater skirt. In the spirit of rock, I’m accessorizing with leather and spiked-themed pieces, and picked wedges with black leather straps that are also available in Boardwalk’s catalogue and online shop.

Enjoy looking through the Boardwalk online catalogue and try mixing and matching your own picks.

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