Charity Foundation

In its unbounded, unremitting, and unceasing pursuit to improve the lives of the Filipino, Boardwalk Business Ventures, Inc. has put together the Boardwalk Charity Foundation, Inc. (BCFI) to carry out its mission of service for the afflicted, the tormented, the distressed, and the troubled.

To date, BCFI has already helped various institutions and organizations through the charitable and humanitarian efforts that embody what BCFI stands for.

Its mission; to put up projects that serve the needs of the children, bring forth initiatives that take advantage of the available technology to help out the poor, and bring forward organizations that focus on education, community services, health and nutrition, environment, arts and culture, livelihood, and entrepreneurial and employment programs.

The Boardwalk Charity Foundation, Inc. is focused on three (3) priorities in reaching out to the Filipino.

First is education. BCFI aims to develop the skills of the workforce by investing in scholarship programs to help those who have the propensity and readiness to achieve great things. The organization also promotes efforts to advance diversity in education and in the workforce with special interest in motivating the participation of parents for their children.

Second is community service. BCFI s upports programs that address the community’s needs, encourage volunteers, and promote leadership with integrity. The organization does these by raising funds through projects and programs for organizations that are dedicated in promoting diversity, providing leadership development to encourage the youth, protecting the environment, and supporting communities and families in need.

Last but certainly not the least is employment involvement. BCFI extends its reach for community involvement to Boardwalk employees by letting them take part in humanitarian efforts for victims of calamities and disasters.

Today, BCFI is a charity foundation that provides comprehensive programs and support services to the poor and the disadvantaged.

The organization is affiliated with various humanitarian institutions like the Gawad Kalinga in building communities to end poverty, ANCOP in giving education for everyone through their Educational Assistance Program, Boys Town in giving children a fresh start, and the Marikina Watershed in providing a haven for people afflicted with calamities.

The Boardwalk Charity Foundation, Inc. is building a better world one step at a time and you can do your part from your end and make our world a better place to live in. Donate. Volunteer. Lead.

Call our hotline now at 631-9999. You can make a difference in your own simple way.

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