Coco Martin takes new challenge as Juan dela Cruz

A new Pinoy superhero has finally arrived and Boardwalk was there to witness the event as SM Megamall became the hottest spot in town where some of the biggest and brightest names in local show business gathered to be with the country’s newest Filipino icon and have an early look of ABS-CBN’s newest offering, Juan dela Cruz.

With Coco Martin playing the starring role, fans of the new Prince of Pinoy teleseryes flocked one of the biggest SM malls of the country to see their favorite Filipino celebrity and, judging by the turnout of the event, it did look like SM Megamall won’t be big enough to hold the number of die-hard fans who all converged the shopping center just for a chance to catch a glimpse of the young star.

With Boardwalk firmly in support, Coco Martin was more than happy to greet his fans who all waited patiently for his arrival, waving to the crowd with his co-stars in what would definitely be the show that will set a new milestone for ABS-CBN.

The network’s newest teleserye is about the journey of an orphan named Juan dela Cruz as he takes the fight to the forces of evil, armed with a cross given to him by his mother that changes to a sword, a whip, a spear, and an arrow.

The teleserye speaks so much about Filipinos, and it is because of this why Boardwalk, the brand that brings Filipinos from all walks of life to the forefront of fashion, has decided to support one of its highly-regarded celebrity endorsers, Coco Martin, in his newest project that puts the customs and traditions of the Filipino on display.

Boardwalk will be bringing out new apparel imagined from the Juan dela Cruz teleserye, letting fans of the show to emulate the newest Pinoy superhero of the country and relive all of his adventures from his journey in discovering his true destiny.

Catch Coco Martin as Juan dela Cruz on ABS-CBN, every weeknights at 7:30pm.

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