Avel Bacudio

Coming from humble beginnings, fashion designer Avel Bacudio has already made his mark in the fashion industry after starting out at the tender age of 17.

While some of us were still in college, trying to convince ourselves what’s the right career path to take Avel Bacudio was already well on his way to the pinnacle of success, doing what he loves and does best. In the span of his career, he has already earned numerous accolades both here and abroad. He is definitely somebody Filipinos around the world can be proud of as he has already represented the Philippines through various fashion competitions in different countries like Japan, Hong Kong, France, and Singapore.

No wonder he is always sought after by influential personalities and household names in the industry. As the Celebrity Designer the brightest stars in showbusiness trust the most, Avel Bacudio has made a habit of setting new fashion trends with famous celebrities like Jake Cuenca, Coco Martin, Ms. Jean Garcia, and the ever so glamorous, Ms. Kris Aquino, just to name a few. Avel makes sure that he brings out the best that they can be every single time that they are in the public eye.

These stars will agree that, without a shadow of a doubt, Avel Bacudio is one of the top fashion designers of our time.

Avel has always been fascinated with made-for-movies outfits then as he spent most of his childhood admiring the clothes actors and actresses wore in the movies. He knew then that whatever people see on TV or in the movies can become the new trend in how people dress up.
It is then when his love affair with fashion began.

He started flirting with the fashion industry in his own way, accepting a job at a local department store. While it didn’t have the prestige of being a full-pledged fashion designer, he kept at it. There, he learned the tricks of the trade regarding designing and fashion merchandising.

He also met veteran designers like Eddie Castro and Frederick Peralta while working there, two pillars of the fashion world who served as his mentors in his dream to break through the industry. After joining the Young Designers Guild in 1998 at the age of 20, Avel Bacudio’s name was quickly gaining some stature. So much so that established fashion icons of the country like Richard Tann and Inno Sotto were also giving notice.

Not bad for someone who started out at a local department store wouldn’t you say?

After all the accolades and achievements Avel already had as a young and promising fashion designer, he took a brief hiatus from the industry. But Avel Bacudio was born to make clothes. He was born to be a fashion designer. And it was only a matter of time before Avel returned to what he loves most. ABS-CBN was the first one who gave him his break as a costume designer for the network’s show ‘Once Upon a Time.’ After spending three years with the network, he got an offer to do some shows at the Elbow Room in Ortigas.

In 2008, Inno Sotto asked him, along with several designers, to take part in ‘The Fashion Watch’ at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel.

And like an old flame, he fell in-love.

Now, Avel Bacudio works as an in-house fashion designer for Boardwalk, one of the biggest direct-selling companies of stylish shoes, fashionable clothes, and affordable apparel, is more than happy to have an artist of his caliber aboard. He now designs exclusive clothing lines for them.

Today, he has already launched several lines for Boardwalk. From denims to men’s and women’s clothing, from an underwear line to a shoe series, you name it. In fact, Avel Bacudio will be launching his new line of designer jeans during Boardwalk’s 20th anniversary celebration dubbed ‘One Big Show’ at the Araneta Coliseum.

He’s now more determined than ever to make an even bigger mark in the industry. Indeed, his love affair with fashion is set to last.

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