The Company’s New Look for Boardwalk 2020

KC ConcepcionBoardwalk, for more than two decades, have remained to be the measuring stick by which many other direct-selling companies compare themselves to. With its ceaseless and relentless pursuit to clothe Filipinos with the confidence needed to move forward towards Boardwalk 2020 with business programs that aim to uplift lives, the company has also made some strides in reshaping the organization to answer to the demands of its ever-changing market.

Aside from putting up new programs that strengthen its brand awareness campaigns and online initiatives, Boardwalk has also tapped new names that will better represent Filipinos while at the same time, personify the company’s plans towards globalization and become a household name in the world of direct-selling and apparel.

Leading Boardwalk’s newest endorsers is Ms. KC Concepcion. Rhian RamosDisplaying refinement and sophistication, KC has always been known to be a woman of style and poise, making her a perfect embodiment of the company’s ideals. And with her humanitarian efforts for the World Food Organization, she also stands with Boardwalk’s charitable arm, the Boardwalk Charity Foundation, Inc., in their mission to help the afflicted, the tormented, and the distressed.

Ms. Rhian Ramos also became one of Boardwalk’s bright new faces. As one of the most promising and sought-after celebrities in show Derek Ramseybusiness today, Rhian will epitomize the company’s new direction in going online to make it easier for its Personal Shoppers to manage their Boardwalk business.

Both KC and Rhian join the company’s crop of popular personalities in the local scene, led by Coco Martin for BW Trion and Derek Ramsey for Avel Jeans and Ang Bayan Collection. With them are some of the biggest and brightest names in show business like Ms. Cherry Pie Picache, Matteo Guidicelli, Bangs Garcia, Gabby Concepcion, Rich Asuncion, Gerard Sison, and Jerome Ponce, picking up where Jake Cuenca and Jessy Mendiola left off.

With celebrity fashion designer extraordinaire Avel Bacudio taking the lead in what trends the company can expect in the coming years, Boardwalk is sure to remain to be the very brand that Filipinos have as top of mind in fashion and apparel, letting the company to remain what truly entails a life-changing lifestyle brand.