Aaron Quitoles



Aaron creates pieces that every woman can wear. He is into influential women who are confident in their own skin. He is inspired by women who wear classic and timeless pieces.


He is also into colorful variations of Popsicle and Ice cream.



Tracy Dizon




Tracy uses the question "What would Blair Waldorf and Serena Vander Woodsen be wearing if they come to Manila?" as her inspiration for her collaboration with Boardwalk. She imagines these "Gossip Girls" having coffee while watching a polo match at the Manila Polo Club or strolling around and shopping at Rockwell Mall.


The chic, preppy and "kawaii" lifestyle is what Tracy wants to bring into the Boardwalk collections. "Kawaii" -- or cute in Japanese  -- is often mistaken to be childish when it is a distinct style that can be incorporated into everyday fashion. With thorough use of contemporary shapes and pieces, a vintage floral print can be worn as a preppy accent in a business attire.


Her collection will prove that a woman of any age, status and lifestyle can still embrace being a "kawaii" girl.