Aaron Quitoles



Aaron creates pieces that every woman can wear. He is into influential women who are confident in their own skin. He is inspired by women who wear classic and timeless pieces.


He is also into colorful variations of Popsicle and Ice cream.



Mara Chua




Mara has a knack for visually portraying different types of dreams in her pieces. With stark jagged stripes, she captures the violence of nightmares while curved lines resembles the vibrancy of sweet dreams. The softness of her materials and the use of sheer textiles represent the figurative cloud of smoke that makes dreams abstract and distinct from reality.


She is also inspired by the process of transforming angled two dimensional planes to smooth three dimensional objects through repetitive and additive use of triangles. At the same time, she incorporates the image of a wilting rose to symbolize, not just the changing of seasons, but also the impermanence of life.