Aaron Quitoles



Aaron creates pieces that every woman can wear. He is into influential women who are confident in their own skin. He is inspired by women who wear classic and timeless pieces.


He is also into colorful variations of Popsicle and Ice cream.



Lhenvil Paneda



Lhenvil finds inspiration among carefree and strong-willed women. The idea of being free from inhibitions is represented through the floral prints and sheer, lightweight fabrics in his pieces. The pieces created are suitable for summer and can be worn in any setting -- be it in an outing, a stroll around the mall or just a weekend night out in the city.


Teachers influences Lhenvil with his work as he appreciates their hardworking and nurturing nature. Back in his province, teachers are the number one consumers and resellers of Boardwalk. This collection is a tribute to all the wonderful teachers who have not given up on the value of quality education.