Aaron Quitoles



Aaron creates pieces that every woman can wear. He is into influential women who are confident in their own skin. He is inspired by women who wear classic and timeless pieces.


He is also into colorful variations of Popsicle and Ice cream.



June Pugat




June combines neutral with brick - like print fabrics for his reinterpretation of stone sculptures of ethereal beings in his pieces. Infused with geometric cuts, his work consists of edgy yet unmistakably feminine pieces that are apt for a woman who is unafraid of attention and has a strong sense of self.


He also uses luxurious translucent georgette with golden neo-baroque print as inspiration. Semi-diaphanous are combined with heavy knits in hues of soft pastels and dark chocolate to create sharply draped and structured ensembles. The result composes of dresses, skirts and tops which are fit for any woman who wishes to invoke a regal presence wherever she goes.