Aaron Quitoles



Aaron creates pieces that every woman can wear. He is into influential women who are confident in their own skin. He is inspired by women who wear classic and timeless pieces.


He is also into colorful variations of Popsicle and Ice cream.



Emir Yamamoto




Emir’s pieces are designed with a masculine facade but with a feminine soul. Marketability as well as utility are injected through the placement of fabrics and pockets and with the use of simple clean lines.


His interpretation of dreamland is surreal, soft and weightless. Frills and sheerness are vital elements in the construction and design of the collection. The reason for this is to capture the essence of spring time and embrace femininity with a fresh new take on classic silhouettes.


He also referenced his pieces to be effortless and carefree. Seduction being the theme, he thought of zipper details that are methodologically placed on the bodice either for practicality of the piece or to enhance the feminine shape.