10 Tips for a Successful Franchise Business

We all know that Boardwalk has great products but you need more than an impressive catalog to have a successful franchise business. Even best selling items need excellent marketing strategy to back it up. Seth Godin, a great marketer and seller once said, “there’s too much noise in marketing”. So if you want to stand out from other dealers and sellers you must be remarkable, add more value, create solutions for problems, and give before you get.

Here are 10 Tips to have a Remarkable and Smarter Franchise Business:

10. Reach Out


Reach out and ask advice from people that are wiser and more experienced than you. It’s impossible to know everything but if you learn to ask the other more successful veteran dealers the smart questions then you’ll get the smart answers. Learn to leverage other people’s strengths.

9. Invest in your Franchise Business


When you invest in a franchising business i.e. direct selling or network marketing- you’re more likely to master it completely instead of wasting time trying to start a biz from scratch and developing it yourself. When you spend money to buy books, marketing system, direct sales training, or whatever it is – there’s ownership in your purchase.

8. Free isn’t always the answer

For example, you need a business tools i.e Facebook page for online selling. A free FB page has limitations and lacks flexibility. Invest in a professional website, web hosting, and other tools to build a remarkable online direct sales funnel.

7. You’re in Sales and Marketing

You may not believe it but franchising is all about sales and marketing specially direct selling. Tom Peters, one of the best  leaders in the sales community says “we are all in sales, period.” The success of your direct sales business is in how well you master marketing. Invest in sales, marketing, and leadership books and training. The best way to add more value to your prospect is to increase your knowledge.

6. Stay in the Game

Staying in the game will keep you on top of your boardwalk franchise business. Athletes train every day to prepare for the big games. Direct sales dealers are known for doing their business in short periods of time only. We go through moments of brilliance, followed by dullness, and stagnation. Kick the bad habit of inconsistency and focus on being in the game every day! This means do something every day that’s income producing. Just do one thing, every day!

5. Stay Humble. Stay Hungry

The late Steve Jobs, marketing guru and visionary of Apple corp, kept himself motivated by staying humble and hungry. Staying humble allows you to learn from other leaders that have a lot to teach you. Staying hungry keeps you from being discouraged when the tides are rough. Accept that you will be rejected oftentimes but also know that you will overcome and become successful for your hard work.

4. Stay Motivated

Coaching yourself to stay motivated is one aspect of being an entrepreneur. Push yourself every day to do one more thing- learn one more new skill. As Chris Brogan says in his latest blog post “Help Yourself”. Believe in yourself because there’s a lot you can accomplish! Think of other leaders and direct sales consultants that are succeeding to fuel your motivation. If others can succeed, so can you!

3. Time Management

Start using a timer to manage your schedule down to the minute. Most modern cellphones have a timer/alarm function – 20 minutes for Twitter, checking emails 3 times a day, and so forth. You’ll find your productivity skyrocketing afterwards. Be laser focused, limit the distractions, and be disciplined.

2. Avoid Desperation

Use inspiration rather than desperation to get more sales. The problem with creating a “sense of urgency” in your direct sales business ends up creating a sense of desperation. Like in school you should not do cramming to study for a test. Make an effort even though you are not financially pressured. Whatever it is, it makes direct sales folks desperate. Find inspiration in your family, friends or in yourself and work your business every day.

1. Be a Remarkable and Smarter Seller

There’s a lot we can learn from one another in the Boardwalk family and other sellers and dealers that have paved the way with their leadership and marketing know-how. You can figure it out on your own or you can start learning from the best direct sellers and dealers in the business.
The greatest sellers today aren’t “salesy” – they’re offering solutions to people’s problems.

Bonus Tips from Readers

To be the best dealer boardwalk should always be at their best.. best in catering orders, best in service and most of all give the best services to your personal shopper para hindi maisipang huminto sa pagbebenta dahil sa inis – Reyzel Flores

So have a remarkable and smarter business franchise by increasing your knowledge. Add more value. Always look for your customers problems and give them a solution. The more you give, the more you’ll attract the right customers in your Boardwalk franchise business.

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